New show all about Fishing For Lobster in The Bahamas, Tune in to watch.

Providers and Channel
Satellite Listing:
Dish Network-285 (SD/HD), 395
DirecTV 605

USA Cable Providers and Channel:
Time Warner - 315...
Cox Communications - 270
Comcast- 209
Bright House Networks -118 & 1157
AT&T U-verse -645

UK Cable Provider Listings:

Worldwide: Contact your local cable provider if it is not listed above.

BAHAMAS: *Cable Bahamas does not offer this channel in The Bahamas.
Coral Patrice Burton/ Photo:Vaughn Scriven Photography

Communities throughout Long Island are mourning the loss of a beautiful soul, Mrs. Coral Patrice Burton, the wife of Anglican priest, Fr. Chester Burton of St. Paul's Parish. Mrs. Burton was also a teacher in the northern district, at Glinton's Primary School.  


We send our condolences to Fr. Chester Burton and family, the Anglican community of Long Island, the staff and student body of Glinton's Primary and friends.


May her soul rest in peace.



Sharon Turner/ Sharon T/ According To Me Sharon T

LETTER TO THE EDITOR- The Long Island Runner News

The BTC Charade Is Over – Get Back To The Country’s Problems


Dear Editor,


For those asking about the numbers from the result of this nearly two-year-long

BTC charade by the government and its cohorts: Cable & Wireless Communications

(CWC) bought 129,878,640 (51%) shares in BTC in 2011. The government held

124,765,360 (49%) shares. The dividends for the BTC Foundation Fund that CWC

will form will be based on 5,093,200 (under 2%) of CWC's total shares. It still

controls these shares and the dividends it will allot to them, and has simply placed

them in the Fund.


CWC (outside the Fund) now holds 124,785,440 shares and the government still

holds its 124,765,360 shares it always held from 2011. This means CWC (outside

the Fund) holds 20,080 more shares than the government. The 20,080 share

majority is what CWC in its press release on the new Fund referred to as their

having a "marginally larger number of shares" than the government.


It’s a wrap. The game is over. Those who for almost two years have been reporting

that the government could have taken back shares from CWC were misleading

the public, as such persons always had access to the 2011 Shareholders and Share

Purchase Agreements for the BTC privatization that clearly stated what could and

could not have happened with BTC’s shares.


Those who prior to last week’s press conference reported that the government had

regained control of BTC were lying to the public. Those who continued to say that

after the press conference were simply continuing the lie to the public. And while

the country was being distracted with lies about BTC, we took our focus off several

critical things.


January is almost over and the government’s VAT Bill and Regulations have not

reached Parliament yet, now with less than six months to go before the chaos that

will be VAT, hits us on July 1.


The deal to privatize BEC is already an epic scandal – the public just doesn’t know it



As for serious crime, there will be no changes to the Constitution this year regarding

judicial rights, bail, the Privy Council, etc, according to the Prime Minister; so the

calls on these matters being made from different quarters in the country (albeit

backwards and undemocratic in many instances) will not be legislated.


Now that the government has taken the VAT bait, both US ratings agencies –

Standard & Poors and Moody’s – have advised that our credit rating is likely to

be downgraded this year. So not only will Bahamians and businesses be taxed

into harder times this year via VAT, the tax hike will not avert a credit downgrade



Government salaries and bills are not being paid. Government projects are not being

completed and opened.


Meantime, unemployment continues to plague us, the government is cutting back

social assistance in the midst of harder economic times, current and impending tax

hikes are causing businesses to shut down and others to scale back or cancel plans

for future expansion, and Cabinet Ministers are agitating for policies and laws that

would cut our civil liberties and turn our country into the makings of a police State.

The farcical BTC charade is over. We need to focus on the serious challenges we are

facing; the more prominent of which we heretofore have not seen in our nation’s



Sharon Turner

Read more from Sharon Turner/According To Me Sharon T 



January 26, 2014

St. Paul's Anglican Church in Clarence Town will be celebrating their Patronal Festival starting at 3pm. Service will be held at the church in Clarence Town. Bus transportation will be provided, leaving Gordon's at 1pm and Grays at 1:45pm. All church and community members and visitors are invited to attend. 


7:00am - Holy Eucharist - Holy Cross 
9:00am - Holy Eucharist - St.John's
10:00am - Holy Eucharist - St.Theresa 
3:00pm - PATRONAL FESTIVAL -St.Paul's - The bus leaves Gordon's at 1:00pm, Gray's at 1:45pm.


Confirmation Class Retreat Schedule
Feb.15th - 9:00am - 1:00pm - at Francis Darville Hall 
Feb.22nd - 9:00am - 1:00pm - at Francis Darville Hall 

  • Catechists, Lay-Readers, Chalice Bearers are urged to attend Retreat & Training Session #1 on February 12th at St.Paul's Church.
  • Our Parish-Wide Lenten Mission under the theme, "Walking With Jesus", will take place from March 9th to 14th 2014. All who claim to be members of St.Paul's Parish are expected to attend.Others are invited.
  • The Annual General Meeting (AGM) will occur on February 22nd. Please note that it was in the best interest to change the date of the AGM.
  • St.John's will be having a Souse-Out on February, 22nd at St.John's Hall.
  • COUNCIL ELECTIONS-February 9th February 16th

Holy Family Holy Cross 
St.Michael's St.John's 
St.Paul's St.Athanasius / St.Theresa 

  • Confirmation date for the Parish has been set for March 23rd 2014 at 9:00am at St.John's Church.


Long Islanders' Association Raffle Prize Submission Deadline

The deadline for all prizes submission for the annual Long Islanders' Association Grand Raffle & Fair RAFFLE is JANUARY 27th.

For prize submissions, donations and sponsorship information contact, Gina Burrows-Coakley (T.L.I.A. President ), Keith Carroll (T.L.I. A.Vice President) or message their Facebook page below. 

Visit our Long Islanders' Association Corner for updates, photos, events and news concerning the association.



The FNM Constituency Office, Buckley’s, Long Island is hosting a VALENTINE’S DAY BABY PHOTO CONTEST!


The FNM Constituency Office of Buckley’s, is looking for all the Valentine’s Day babies!

If you have a child that was born on Valentine’s Day, and would like for them to enter our photo competition, then feel free to email us at elisaknowles@hotmail.com 


The winner will be chosen by our fans on the long island FNM group page.


The child that receives the most likes on their photo will be determined the winner.

There will also be prizes for second and third place finalists.

Start getting your photos in, for your kid to win one of our Valentine’s Day prizes.

Voting will stop on February 13th.

Good luck to all the Valentine’s Day babies.

This competition is only for those kids living on long island.

 Submit your photos by email to elisaknowles@hotmail.com

If you have any questions about the contest or general inquires please contact Mrs. Knowles at the FNM Constituency Office at (242) 337-0366.


Click the below to go to the group page for FNM Long Island- Loretta Butler Turner. 

January 24, 2014

GOT CABLE? Here Is Cable Bahamas Channel Listings For Long Island


Cable Bahamas' service has long been an issue for Long Island. How many of the listed channels do Long Island subscribers actually get? 

Most customers who do have cable reside in the central region of Long Island, leaving the southern and northern ends of the islands without. 

There are many business entities throughout Long Island that can benefit from an island wide coverage, but as usual Cable Bahamas is lagging behind. Internet and Cable services provides an easement when it comes to business transactions and communications for locals, visitors and businesses alike.

Cable Bahamas needs to step up to the plate and implement coverage throught the entire island, the cave man days have been long over with.


Send us your feedback on the service or no service that Cable Bahamas provides you with by clicking the link button below:



"The PLP went into negotiations with Cable & Wireless with 49%. They came out of the negotiations with 49%. If the Bahamian people believe that we have the majority of the shares in BTC today then this gives credence to our D Average!" -Branville McCartney


Sharon T sets the public and the PLP straight with her expalnation of the BTC DEAL FIASCO

"Lies dem 'a tell, but their lies fell flat this time. Now that this nearly two-year long charade is over and nothing has changed with the control or management of BTC and its shares - can the gov't focus on the pressing problems the country actually does care about, like crime, jobs, the economy & VAT?"- Sharon Turner/According To Me Sharon T 




The Long Island Bahamas Chamber of Commerce  held it's ELECTION for the 2014 EXECUTIVE & BOARD MEMBERS. All were invited to attend, NOMINATE & VOTE or VOLUNTEER. 

For more information visit their facebook page and website. The newly elected board members will be annouced soon. Follow up on this page for the results.

January 16, 2014

Scull The Boat Boy!

Bahamian Brewery Photo/Danny Knowles -Winner- Salt Pond, Long Island Regatta

The Bahamian Brewery & Beverage along with Eleazor Johnson, are back with the 2014 Sculling Competition! Of course, Long Island is in the lineup for June 2014. The sport of sculling is making a huge comeback and the kick off starts with The St. Valentine Regatta.

“The Sands Man In The Boat Sculling Race” starts in February and will sail on through to the major regatta ports during each island's annual regatta.


The first competition of the season is, “The 27th St. Valentine -Catch Me If You Can” Regatta”, at Montagu Bay, Nassau.  All the fun at Montagu starts, February 15th -26th,  then continues on to; Georgetown -Exuma, Mangrove Cay- Andros, Salt Pond- Long Island, Abaco, West End- Grand Bahama and the championship finale will take place in Nassau.

Clayton Bain was the two - time champion last year in Abaco, Dennis Fox from Salt Pond, Long Island, got 2nd place. The winner of the National Family Island Regatta, Clay Moxey, placed third. 

Danny Knowles/Sands Beer-Bahamian Brewery-Man In The Boat Sculling Competition

January, 15th 2014

VAT - Value Added Tax will be implemented July 2014.

Don't quite understand what VAT is?

If you feel that it is getting more and more expensive to buy anything here in The Bahamas, well that is very true. The implentation of tax will certainly make the cost of living shoot through the roof. 


For information visit this link: http://www.straighttalkbahamas.com/2013/10/value-added-tax-bahamas/


SO NOW THE PRIME MINISTER IS HURLING THREATS AGAINST BAHAMIANS OVER OUR RIGHT TO FREE SPEECH ON OUR OWN MONEY & TAX DOLLARS. "Why fight the PUBLIC Treasury" in our protests and concerns about VAT, he dares to ask. Say what Mr. Christie? The PUBLIC TREASURY belongs to THE PUBLIC, not the Prime Minister. Just how does he believe he would attempt to use the tax dollars of Bahamians to shut Bahamians up about paying more taxes in their own country? Who does he think he is, and who does he think he is talking to with this combative, threatening rhetoric, telling Bahamians he can make "unlimited" use of our own money to stop or silence us? Is this North Korea, Syria, Cuba or Pakistan? The Prime Minister has clearly taken leave of all his senses with this statement.

The government's draft VAT Bill already proposes to appoint a "VAT Commissioner" who it says it will give more powers to than the government, police and the courts have - powers that would violate the rights of Bahamians by authorizing the VAT Commissioner to enter our premises without notice or our permission and seize whatever property or belongings he/she chooses, over failure to pay VAT. The government also says in its VAT Bill that it will stop us from being able to travel if we don't pay VAT - a violation of citizens' Freedom of Movement rights that no democratic country in the world ought to seek to do. That single plan alone by any government in a democracy is just cause for a country's citizens to demand their government's removal from office. Now the Prime Minister is outright threatening Bahamians over VAT. Bahamas, wake up. VAT is becoming more than just a regressive tax for this government - it has become, by their words and their VAT Bill, the mechanism by which this government is showing a desire to begin to turn The Bahamas into a totalitarianism State, where the government is proposing to rule the country by force to get it to comply with its wishes.




Prime Minister Christie Criticizes VAT Coalition

Prime Minister Perry Christie

Source: The Nassau Guardian



 By: ALISON LOWE/The Nassau Guardian


Prime Minister Perry Christie appeared to lash out at the Coalition for Responsible Taxation on Monday, questioning those who are “raising money to fight the government” and “purport to represent the masses”, while charging that there is “no limit” to his capacity to respond to such campaigns.

Speaking off the cuff before his prepared speech at the Bahamas Business Outlook, he suggested that he is dismayed that some assume “the government is the enemy”, and would do things to harm the economy.


He added that many people are simply “self-centered”, suggesting that those who claim to represent “the masses do not necessarily have that sense of legitimacy or accuracy”.


While he never made reference to the Coalition for Responsible Taxation by name, it would appear that Christie’s comments were at least in part directed towards the private sector grouping.

The coalition was formed by the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation, given widespread private sector concern over the government’s plans to implement value-added tax (VAT) in July 2014.


The coalition, founded in an effort to provide private sector input to the Government of The Bahamas on VAT and other tax proposals being proposed by the government, is comprised of more than twenty major industry associations in The Bahamas representing some 700 businesses and 60,000 employees, and has argued that the government can ill-afford to ignore its views on VAT.

The grouping recently revealed that it is seeking to raise $180,000 to finance a VAT public education campaign, its own analysis of the impact of VAT on the Bahamian economy, and potential alternatives to VAT.

Dionisio D’Aguilar, head of fundraising for the coalition, described the government’s decision whether or not to go ahead with VAT as an “even more important battle” than any election in terms of its implications for the country, and therefore encouraged businesses and the public to donate.

In an at-times wandering series of statements at the Bahamas Business Outlook, where he was the keynote speaker, Christie said: “One of the serious observations that I would make as the minister of finance is that on the most vexing and important challenges of our country, it seems there are few people who are prepared to express themselves and enjoin the debate, and only people who have an interest, who are stakeholders, who have a vested interest, speak to these issues, and it appears adversarially.


 “They speak as if the government is the enemy and is imposing on them something that is inimical, harmful to the economy. And I suppose too, recognizing that in the government there are cross sections, people who come from different segments of our economy and community whose interests intentionally are no different from that of Chester Cooper, or Brent Symonette – or Perry Christie, it is incredibly incorrect to begin a national discussion on a premise that is so fraught that it causes me too much of a degree of amusement,” said Christie.

He continued: “And then to see campaigns involving raising money to fight the campaign of the

government... I fought an election and I raised money to fight it, but now you are fighting the public treasury, why do you want to do that?

“There’s no limit to any campaign I would go into. As opposed to recognizing we live in challenging times, in a world that is increasingly complex, where people are more self-centered than they’ve ever been in their lives, thinking of themselves, therefore politicians must take note of the fact that people who purport to represent the views of the masses do not necessarily have that sense of legitimacy or accuracy in representing themselves as speaking for and on behalf of....”


After a brief pause, Christie then said he was “happy to be here” and launched into his prepared speech, in which he struck a more conciliatory tone on VAT, revealing that the government intends to do its own study on VAT that will “analyse all of the issues, all of the concerns and all of the alternative recommendations.”

He also said that the government would work “assiduously” to ensure that tax reforms do not lead to an economic slowdown.


Among those who heard the comments made by the prime minister, several questioned what this might mean for the future engagement of the coalition with the prime minister on the issue of VAT.

Asked for his take on Christie’s comments, Chester Cooper, chairman of the Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation, said that it “could not be further from the truth” that the chamber/coalition is “always in a confrontational/combative stance with the government” and argued that a variety of opinions would help to ensure that the best solution to the country’s fiscal challenges is reached.

“I think the coalition recognizes that tax reform is important and the coalition and the government are on the same side to make sure it’s done the right way the first time. The meetings are ongoing.


“It is the intention of the coalition to ensure this isn’t a combative exercise, but the reality is that we want the best outcome and the best outcome comes through active engagement – the active engagement of the business community, the active engagement of the government, (and) hopefully we’ll see the academic community becoming even more engaged, so this isn’t necessarily a bad thing.


“So I don’t take the prime minister’s comments in a negative way, I would say that he also did say it’s important that more Bahamians are engaged in the process. So when we are actively engaged even if there are differing opinions, they say two heads are better than one; the outcome in the final analysis will be that we have the best solution to the problem. I think sometimes some differences in views and opinions is healthy to the discussion and national development,” he said.



Two Legendary Bahamians: King Eric & Gus Cooper- We Bid You Farewell

“Entertainers of the century” may be the phrase that comes to mind when you think of “King” Eric Gibson and Winston “Gus” Cooper. Sadly, The Bahamas has lost two legendary Bahamians, two of the pioneers who brought The Bahamas to the world.  


Who can forget the infectious music of King Eric and His Knights? It was contagious! In the 1950’s he formed the band and later opened a popular night club called King & Knights Club. The club was a hit and they were the hottest musical sensation in Nassau.


King Eric sang his way into the hearts of Bahamians and sailed his way into our souls with his second passion, sailing traditional sloops. He was a leader in the regatta community and ensured that sailing was recognized as a cultural sporting event throughout the islands.


Winston “Gus” Cooper, the charismatic, mentor and leader of the junkanoo group, “The Valley Boys”.

“Valley in Your Belly!”, "Who are we? The Valley!" ...so commonly chanted throughout the streets of Nassau, throughout The Bahamas, the world, no matter where you were, it was the season of Junkanoo and you could feel it in your soul. Gus formed “The Valley Boys” back in 1958, along with some of his colleagues. For 55 years Winston “Gus” Cooper shaped, molded and directed the group of junkanooers who dominated the competition more times than can be counted.


Two legends gone from our midst, King Eric Gibson and Winston “Gus” Cooper, the two of them must be collaborating on a spectacular musical rush out for the King of all Kings; we bid you farewell good men. 

Enjoy the folowing videos of Gus Cooper & The Valley Boys and King Eric & His Knights.

St. Athanasius Anglican Church Renovations Resumes

The Anglican community of St. Paul's Parish is quite excited that renovations to St. Athanasius Church has resumed. The historic church has been undergoing renovations for quite some time. Over the years, the economy on Long Island has been extremely slow and this has taken a toll on the progress of renovations. The Anglican Diocease is doing the best they can to support this effort. If the public would like to assist, you can phone the church's rectory, at 1 242-337-3002 for information on how how you can contribute to the renovation fund.


Update: Contributions, Donations of Funds can be sent to St. Athanasius Building Funds Account at Scotia Bank in Buckley's, Long Island, Account Number 30068.


By: Sharon Turner 


Why does The Bahamas government need to pay our tax dollars to American analysts to do a report on VAT, when even the United States does not want to implement VAT, though the IMF says it should? Just more of our tax dollars to be wasted on a decision that has already been made by our government to implement VAT, and thus tax more of us into poverty and harder times as of July 1. AND do you notice that though it is The Bahamas government, voted in by Bahamians, who is putting VAT in place for The Bahamas, the reports they want to give you on VAT are coming from everywhere OTHER THAN THE BAHAMAS GOVERNMENT ITSELF? He who runs the country should speak and inform, and on VAT only foreign agencies are speaking and "informing" us - so that tells you exactly who the actual government of The Bahamas is on this matter.


Source: Sharon Turner/According To Me Sharon T/ http://www.thereal242.com/?p=2244

The Farmers Market- Every Saturday at Salt Pond 9am-12pm

The Farmer's Market at Salt Pond, every Saturday from 9am - 12 noon. The market is located at the old school building. Lots of fresh herbs, organic fruits & vegetables.

Home-made juices, teas, coconut water, jellies & jams. Plants and fruit trees on sale. Handcrafted jewelry, souvenirs, arts & crafts.

Visitors to the island enjoyed shopping at the Farmers market and we would like to encourage all Long Islanders, from north to south, to come out support and join in the farmers market.

Remember every Saturday is the Farmers Market! Support our Local Vendors.


Photo Source/Credit: Michelle Burrows

Long Island, The Bahamas January, 10th 2014

Condolences for Long Island FNM MP

Losing a loved one is never easy and at this time we would like to express our sincere condolences to Mrs. Loretta Butler- Turner. The Long Island MP, FNM Deputy Leader, lost her father a few months ago, celebrated her birthday yesterday and suffered the loss of her mother today.

We ask that you keep her in your prayers during this terribly difficult time. Let her family be covered with blessings of love during this time of mourning.

The Sailing Club Elects New Officers

Long Island Sailing Club newly elected officers.

Pictured here from Left to right:- LaSandra Knowles (Assistant Secretary), Kendrick Knowles (Vice Commodore), Keith Fox (Treasurer), Kimberley Cartwright (Secretary), Chester Fox (Commodore),

Jude Knowles (Assistant Treasurer), Stefan Knowles, (Vice Commodore).

Modern Day Twist On Straw-Work

Barbara Jesubathem of Barbara's Straw Designs

Barbara Jesubathem (nee Knowles), has come a long way, from a little girl coming out of Mangrove Bush, Long Island, to becoming one of  the leading ladies of the Bahamian Straw Design Industry.

 Her work measures extraordinary talent and showcases the many different styles of traditional straw work. Giving native plait and straw work the couture look it encompasses making her designs fit to model any runway look.

 If you ask Barbara how she got started she may tell you a little story about a lady named Avis Treco-Cartwright, from Berry’s, Long Island and formerly of Hamilton’s settlement. Along with Barbara’s will and talent, Mrs. Cartwright guided and took Barbara under her wing, showing her many techniques and styles of handcrafting bags and straw work. Which Barbara’s shows off to this day as anyone can see once they visit Barbara’s Straw Designs.

 Today, traditional straw work has come full circle with modern day appeal thanks to designers like Barbara Jesubathem.

 Visit her store today or check out her facebook page. Place an order, give an authentic Bahamian gift to someone special.



The Bahamas Takes To The Mountains

April 26, 2013, Mr Peter Wirth (left) senior relationship manager of Credit Suisse, and Mr. Harry McPike on Mt Everest

New Year & New Beginnings

A story of adventure and diving into something new. Breaking the mold, stepping outside your comfort zone is proven here by these two men who represent Bahamians at heart all over the world.


"COLUMBUS might have discovered the Bahamas, but wherever Harry McPike goes so goes the Bahamas flag to be planted on mountain peaks, both at the top and bottom of the world – in Africa, South America and now in the Himalayas. The flag is donated by Mr Peter Bates, “The Sign Man” on Shirley Street, and to date flies from a 23,100 ft peak in the Himalayas, 19,341 ft Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania, the 20,720 ft Mt Chimborazo in Ecuador. Last year it even made it to the South Pole. Shown here on April 26 this year are Mr Peter Wirth (left) senior relationship manager of Credit Suisse, and Mr McPike on the 23,100 ft Lhakpa-Ri peak with Mt Everest in the background. "


"European born, Bahamians at heart, Peter Wirth, Senior Relationship Manager Credit Suisse, and Harry McPike earlier this year successfully returned from climbing Lhakpa-Ri, one of several 7000m plus peaks in the fabled Himalayas. Conquest of this peak could qualify one for a climb of Mt Everest.

Overcoming extreme conditions, frostbite, bitter cold, oxygen deprivation, medical challenges and months of training, the pair took The Bahamas flag to the top of this 23,100 ft peak.

“It all started at a dinner party,” said the Bahamas’ two adopted sons, who settled and have raised their families here. “There was a woman who was retelling her story about how she hiked up the 19,341ft Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania.

“On the spot we decided to take on the challenge!” they laughed. “Mountain climbing is not considered a priority spare time pursuit of the majority of Bahamians,” said Mr Wirth. “So we gave ourselves a unique challenge!”

“It was quite a challenge just to train in the Bahamas for our goal. We did a lot of cardio training (cycling) and strength endurance in the gym, with an emphasis on leg weights,” Mr Wirth explained. “We have now climbed a 5,000m peak in Africa (19,341ft Mt Kilimanjaro in Tanzania), a 6,000m peak in South America (20,720 ft Mt Chimborazo, in Ecuador) and now a 7,000m peak in Tibet (23,100ft Lhakpa-Ri peak near Mt Everest)!” Mr McPike’s eyes sparkle with the thought of the conquest. “It basically took about three weeks to go up and come down Lhakpa-Ri. We started in Lhasa, Tibet,” said Mr McPike.

“It takes about five days to reach the Chinese Mt Everest Base Camp at 5,300m (16,892ft),” he said. “You have to go up in stages because your body needs to acclimatize itself to the high altitude and extreme cold!”

“We go through four more camps as we make our way up Lhakpa-Ri, resting days between our six-hour hikes in order to get our bodies acclimatized to the bitter cold, the altitude and lack of oxygen!”

“At sea level (here in the Bahamas),” explains Mr McPike, “we have 20.9 per cent oxygen in the air! Lhakpa-Ri has only 8.6 per cent – which is 40 per cent of what we have here in the Bahamas!”

“This means that every step is extremely slow and that you have to adjust for the lack of oxygen otherwise you will get terrible headaches and altitude sickness!” Mr Wirth adds. “The biggest challenges are not the physical challenges. They are how one handles the lack of oxygen. Going 100ft is exhausting,” they both agreed.

“You don’t have that much appetite. Even if you do eat you simply cannot eat enough to compensate for how fast your body is consuming energy!” Mr Wirth said. Added Mr McPike: “With my diabetes my doctor was very much opposed to me going up.

“It’s very difficult to control the higher up you go,” he explained. “I was losing about 2 lbs a day of body weight. I lost 25-30 lbs during the trip. Your metabolism increases so much to burn the necessary fuel to keep the body going!

“I am most proud,” he continued, “that to the extent that I have given an example and been a role model for others that we should not allow our medical challenges – within reason – to control our dreams and goals, but should aim to overcome them in order to achieve success,” Mr McPike said. “We ultimately reached Mt Everest Advanced Base Camp at 20,795ft where we prepared for our summit climb of Lhakpa-Ri. Up here there is no cold water, no hot water and temperatures below zero degrees fahrenheit.”

“Whenever we are climbing we are roped together for safety for the crevasses, avalanches or visibility dangers.”

“There’s always frost inside the tent because of the condensation from our body heat!” they laughed.

“At these low temperatures and high altitudes there’s frostbite very quickly to any exposed skin,” Mr Wirth said.

“One of the funny things the guides told us is that if you have to go to the bathroom do it in a sprint fashion. Like…Quick! It’s (zero degrees fahrenheit) so everything freezes in less than five minutes,” Mr McPike chuckles.

“We took our last three hour climb to the High Camp and rested there for our final summit. The last 300 meters are very tough,” they both admitted. “It’s very steep, climbing up at a 45 degree angle, hardly any oxygen, rocks, using ice picks,” Mr McPike recalled.

What’s the feeling like once you reach your goal?

“Well, to be standing 23,100 ft up near the top of the world on such a gorgeous, perfect, crystal clear day was indescribable for me,” said Mr McPike, “it was an unforgettable moment.”

“To see five of the 10 tallest mountains in the world was breathtaking!” added Mr Wirth. “It was so worth it.”


“The lessons in life? It’s a bonding experience. It’s a common goal. We have to organize ourselves; have the commitment to succeed and the determination to achieve – despite the obstacles – no matter what,” Mr Wirth explained.

“It takes a lot of focus, commitment, accountability and teamwork to achieve a goal like this,” Mr McPike added.

“In an experience like this, the extreme environment; the sharing, giving up the comforts of home, such as not bathing for two weeks, you come to appreciate, understand and trust a person,” Mr McPike explained.

“While each person must overcome the odds; train and dedicate themselves to the goal, I believe it is the collective determination, your teammates, the friendships that provide that inspiration into both winning or losing!” adds Mr McPike.

“No matter how many contacts you have, how much money you may claim this is an achievement you have to earn,” says Mr Wirth.

“Absolutely! Life is not measured by moments, or minutes. Life is measured by moments in Time that take your breath away and lasts for a lifetime!” said Mr McPike.

“This is an out-of-the ordinary achievement that I shall remember for a lifetime!”


“As an adopted Bahamian I have been taking the Bahamas flag wherever I hike. So far we’ve been to the highest African peak, a Latin American 6000m plus peak and a Himalaya 7000m plus peak. Last year it was to the most isolated extreme part of the Earth, the South Pole. We skied 100 miles to the South Pole,” said Mr McPike.

“It is far more difficult than Mt Everest. My son Alex – born in the Bahamas – was the youngest person to ever have skied 100 miles to the South Pole!” said the proud father.


“The last barrier is 8,000m hikes, but the risk is too high! On the most difficult peak in the world K2 the risk/danger is entirely too much. It’s somewhere in the region of 30-35 per cent who don’t come back. There one is just left on the mountain in an ice grave. So we’re going to retire from hiking!” said Mr McPike.

“We haven’t decided on the next adventure yet. We’re enjoying the moment,” added Mr Wirth.

Who knows: Space – The Final Frontier?"



Farewell Freedom Fighter Nelson Mandela 1918-2013

December 6, 2013

Remembering Nelson Mandela... some of these words may come to mind, freedom fighter, leader, prisoner, war, peace, justice, equality, human rights, civility, revolutionist, world peace, change, love, unity.

MANDELA a MAN, a NAME, an ICON, that will always be remembered... etched into our minds and hearts, stamped in every history book, you can still hear the crowds cheering MANDELA, MANDELA, MANDELA.

Nelson Mandela lived just as he wrote the "Long Walk to Freedom", he travelled a long road imprisoned for his beliefs, because he stood for freedom, the straw that broke South Africa's back, defeating apartheid.

“No one is born hating another person because of the color of his skin, or his background, or his religion,”  - Nelson Mandela

Rest In Peace Nelson Mandela 1918-2013


Photo: Chip Somodevilla/Getty Images, Well-wishers from South Africa and the Bahamas stand with signs outside the Mediclinic Heart Hospital

August 1999, Nelson Mandela on a visit to The Bahamas, pays a courtesy call on the then Prime Minister, Hubert A. Ingraham


Nelson Mandela & Former Prime Minister Hubert A. Ingraham. August 1999
Photo: The Nassau Guardian/ Nelson Mandela with Former PM H.A.Ingraham, Valley Boys Junkanoo Group Leader Gus Cooper

LONG ISLAND, December 5, 2013

Haitian Migrants Land on Long Island

Repatriated Haitians board a bus at the Toussaint Louverture international airport that will transport them to a shelter, at the in Croix-des-Bouquets, Haiti, Tuesday, Dec. 3, 2013. The Haitian migrants who survived last week when their overloaded sailboat capsized off the coast of the Bahamas were flown home by the Bahamian government Tuesday, along with other Haitian migrants detained in that Caribbean country in recent weeks. Bahamas was sending 342 Haitians home on three flights over the course of the day. (AP Photo/Dieu Nalio Chery The Associated Press

Meanwhile repatriations were continuing to Haiti out of New Providence, another sloop carrying 39 Haitian nationals landed at Turnbull, Long Island around 2pm Tuesday, December 3rd.


The Royal Bahamas Police Force & Immigration Department, along with the help of local residents, was able to detain 28 men and 3 women. Search continued throughout the day for others that may have been hiding out from immigration officials and authorities.


The apprehended Haitian nationals have been flown to New Providence until the migrants can be flown back to their native homeland of Haiti. 


SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Launch A Success

After three failed launch attempts finally, success! The SpaceX Falcon 9 rocket carried the seven thousand pounds, SES-8 communication satellite into orbit.

The lift off from Cape Canaveral Air Force Station in Florida proved to be an amazing sky watchers event as the rocket catapulted across the atmosphere, leaving spectators across this side of the hemisphere snapping pictures and videos of the launch.

Sky watchers all over the north, central and southern Bahamas chain observed the "strange object" as word quickly spread about the space launch.

 The SES-8 satellite will broadcast HD TV channels to the eastern regions, the Pacific and Asia, which will in increase market growth significantly.



SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Shoots Across The Bahamas Sky, Photogropher: Charles A Carey, Great Guana Cay, Abaco, The Bahamas
SpaceX Falcon 9 Rocket Shoots Across The Bahamas Sky

LONG ISLAND, November 25, 2013

Long Island School District Celebrates Universal Children's Day 2013

"We were all children once. And we all share the desire for the well-being of our children, which has always been and will continue to be the most universally cherished aspiration of humankind." - We the Children: End-decade review of the follow-up to the World Summit for Children Report of the Secretary-General (2001)

"By resolution 836(IX) of 14 December 1954, the General Assembly recommended that all countries institute a Universal Children's Day, to be observed as a day of worldwide fraternity and understanding between children. It recommended that the Day was to be observed also as a day of activity devoted to promoting the ideals and objectives of the Charter and the welfare of the children of the world. The Assembly suggested to governments that the Day be observed on the date and in the way which each considers appropriate. The date 20 November, marks the day on which the Assembly adopted the Declaration of the Rights of the Child, in 1959, and the Convention on the Rights of the Child , in 1989."

Students from school districts all over Long Island came together at the Salt Pond, Regatta Site to celebrate Universal Children's Day. It was a day of comradery and festive activities. Children participated in the "plaiting the maypole", traditional dancing and singing. 

Our children today are the leaders of tomorrow and they should be honoured and protected. 

Mangrove Primary Students at Welcome- Picture Credit: Susan Koster
Students Plait The Maypole Dance - Photo Credit: Susan Koster
Students participating in traditional dance - Photo Credit: Susan Koster

Remembering Nicholas "Nick" Mevoli

Credit Source: http://www.gofundme.com/5f9cfo - Jennifer Sharpe

 A Memorial Fund has been set up in honor of Nick, pleas visit


 "In lieu of flowers to send for Nick's funeral, please consider donating to a memorial fund our family has set up which will go directly to assist the St. Peter's and St. Paul's Church in Clarence Town, Bahamas. Thank you! -Nick's Family"

Watch Nick Mevoli's  National Record Setting 299-foot /91 meter dive below

Nick Mevoli


"I have been asked a lot lately how I made it from a 30-meter diver to a 91-meter diver in such a short period of time. I have thought long and hard about this question, yet haven’t really come up with any solid answers.

I hired Ted Harty as my coach, who trained my ass off. Doing apnea lunges and burpies until I poop myself are fun yet no magic potion. No any one exercise did it. My alkaline diet played a role but that too wasn’t really the key.

I did yoga in the mornings and prayed at night. I’d meditate on my dives. I meditated on nothing and focused on my third eye. I tried to get in touch with my inner dolphin and found myself with thoughts of birthday parties at McDonald’s or wondering about the laundry. I read through Breathology, took notes from Deep World Wide Magazine’s pool training articles, studied Youtube videos of the greats. I made sure that my equipment was adequate and up to date.

I did all of this and yet I feel like none of it really would have mattered. I feel like I could have done the 91 meters after a night of Coors light, hot dogs and Jai Alai. Of course it didn’t go down like that but after talking with Grant Graves, our head AIDA judge in Cayman, I was left with a nugget of knowledge that stuck: “You can’t lie to the water, what ever you are going through in life, what ever issues you are dealing with will come out in the water.”....

 Read More about Nick's record dive, click the link below.


Freediver Loses Life Attempting Record

November 23, 2013 Long Island, The Bahamas


Free divers all across the world are saddened as news spread of Nicholas Mevoli, professional free diver, passed away after his dive performance during the 2013 Vertical Blue Competition, held at Dean's Blue Hole, Long Island, The Bahamas.Nick was from Brooklyn, New York and his passion was the sea.

 "It would take Nicholas Mevoli about 2 minutes and 45 seconds to dive down and back up 300 feet (91.4 meters) of water in just one breath."
"He was very talented" "Even the people in the freediving world couldn't believe his skill." His uncle Paul Mevoli said.

Lia Hyun-Joo Barrett for The New York Times Nicholas Mevoli on Sunday upon surfacing from a record attempt. He died a short time later.

"Mr. Mevoli’s life and death reflect both the spirit of a fast-growing niche sport and its dangers. His rise from novice to record-holder in little more than a year serves both as an inspiration and as a dire warning to an undersea world of divers whose stars rise as the depths they reach plunge.

Free diving, with ancestral roots in the ocean hunters of previous millennia, is practiced by tens of thousands of certified recreational divers tracked by a web of free-diving agencies, including AIDA, the international governing body known by its French acronym. But competitive free diving, in which athletes are not permitted to use snorkels or any oxygen supply, remains a niche sport. The AIDA calendar comprises about 20 events through March, some with nominal prize money. High-dollar sponsorships are few. Some of the top athletes teach courses on how to free dive, but few, if any, make a living as a competitor..."

 Read more at:


Nick Mevoli - Credit: Lia Hyun-Joo Barrett for The New York Times/

"Nicholas Mevoli was helped Friday in the Bahamas after a free dive, without oxygen or fins. On Sunday, he died after descending more than 200 feet. By: ADAM SKOLNICK - The New York Times"


"LONG ISLAND, Bahamas — As Nicholas Mevoli lay on his back, floating in the azure sea, attempting to relax, his exhales were audible. The countdown had begun, and he prepared to dive into Dean’s Blue Hole, hoping to reach 72 meters on a single inhalation, with no fins or supplemental oxygen. He began sipping the air, attempting to pack as much oxygen in his lungs as possible.


 Nicholas Mevoli, of Brooklyn, New York, competed in May in Honduras, where he became the first American to free dive to 100 meters. He died Sunday in the Bahamas after trying to set an American record.

 At 12:25 p.m. Sunday, surrounded by 15 other athletes and observers, as well as five safety divers, he turned and submerged, face first and looking like a human arrow shooting into the darkness on what would be the last dive of his life..."

  Read more at:


National Geographic

Long Island, The Bahamas, November 15, 2013

All businesses related to tourism on Long Island were met by representaives from National Geographic to discuss and promote the "Bahamas Out Islands Geotrourism Program". Nat Geo implimented this program in conjunction with the Pan American Bank and Ministry of Finance of the Bahamas, all in an effort to propel the small business sectors of Long Island and throughout The Bahamas to a brighter financial future. 

Rolling out a new platform to help local businesses do just that, the launch of The Bahamas Geotourism Website is designed to give local residents the opportunity to share what is authentic and unique about The Bahamas' Out Islands with the rest of the world." For more information visit www.bahamasgeotourism.com 

Seaside Village The New Long Island Hot Spot

Seaside Village, Kenneth Cartwright at Long Island, The Bahamas

Long Island, The Bahamas, November 15, 2013



Off the beaten path is a quaint little chillaxin spot on the water front. The aromas of fresh diced herbs and peppers fill the air as the sweet Long Island breeze roll across the waters.


Conch salad, a taste of the islands, that locals and visitors alike must have on a hot, sunny day or any day for that matter.


Sip on an iced cold beer, dive into a bowl of conch salad, made fresh daily by the conch salad chef connoisseur himself, Kenneth Cartwright of Seaside Village at Jerry Wells Road.


Bahama Lobster Pirates

On February 15th at 8:30pm, The Sportsman Channel is airing a brand new show centered around Lobster fishing in the islands of The Bahamas!

The fishing boats hailing from the islands of Abaco and Spainsh Wells are hitting the waves in this exciting new Reality TV adventure drama on the high seas. The "Big Boats" participating in this sea adventure are the, Atlantic Lady, LD, New Wrinkle, Sea Gem, Summer Place and Water Spout.

"Bahama Lobster Pirates, an exciting new reality adventure show filmed in the breath taking Bahamas following a fleet of boats during the lobster season." - Bahamas Lobster Pirates

 “Experience the “war” that is waged each year throughout the islands of the Bahamas, chasing spiny lobsters, one tail at the time. This war is based on the rivalry between hardworking crews feverishly building and deploying condos or habitats, only to be sought out and raided by pirate boats.” - www.http://bahamalobsterpirates.com/

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