December 31, 2014

Featured Accomodations Property: C Shells Guest Quarters, Salt Pond

Bahama Resorts C Shells Guest Quarters


Nestled on the bayside, near the center of Salt Pond, C Shells is a private, self catering vacation rental.  With a beach front view, there are four units, no crowds and a perfect setting for laying back and preparing your own meals.

Watch the sunset or lie back in the hammock and relax with a book or a glass of wine. Leave all your cares and worries behind, they will fall away during your stay.

C Shells is the perfect place for unwinding and enjoying the beach life.  The beach is right at your feet. Nearby, there are local markets and gas station.  Salt Pond is the home to the biggest annual sailing festival event of the year, "Long Island Regatta", held around May, June every year.

You will not be disappointed with your stay; C Shells Guest Quarters was awarded the Certificate of Excellence Award 2014 from Trip Advisor. We look forward to seeing you at C Shells.


November 30, 2014

U.S. Marshals Service News Release


The name Constantakis definately rings a bell on Long Island. The prominient Greek Bahamian community of Petty's, Long Island is where a local 49 year old man resided while, the DEA and USMS, investigated his whereabouts. Constanatakis left his hometown enroute to Florida where he was then arrested. US Marshals where onboard flight after receiving a tip that he would traveling to Fort Lauderdale. Constantakis was wanted in Florida for 11 years on cocaine charges.

"A 49-year-old Tampa fugitive who fled the country in 2003 was arrested last week on cocaine distribution charges.

George D. Constantakis was arrested by the USMS Friday, Nov. 21 with the assistance of the Drug Enforcement Administration. Constantakis was wanted by the USMS for conspiracy to distribute and possession with intent to distribute 5 Kilograms or more of cocaine.

In February 2003, a six-count indictment on Constantakis was returned by a Grand Jury in the Middle District of Florida, Tampa Office. Constantakis immediately fled and his whereabouts were unknown. 

After extensive efforts to locate Constantakis, information surfaced suggesting he was in the Bahamas and would be traveling to Fort Lauderdale, Florida. The USMS in Fort Lauderdale, and the DEA in the Bahamas worked together to confirm Constantakis would be traveling to the United States. USMS personnel arrested Constantakis upon arrival in Fort Lauderdale without incident."



Press Release:
Long Island Scores the Newest Business Outlook

Long Island, or Yuma, as the Lucayans called it, will be the site of the 7th and newest Business Outlook, joining Grand Bahama, Abaco, Exuma, Andros and Eleuthera, all of which are offshoots of New Providence’s Bahamas Business Outlook. The one-day Long Island forum will be held Wednesday, November 12 at the Community Centre in Clarence Town, as announced by TCL Group, founders of the Business Outlook series.

Joan Albury, President, TCL Group announced the names of the presenters and commented on the reason for taking Business Outlook Long Island.

“To address the most pressing issues challenging the economy of Long Island, we have been fortunate to secure the participation of Captain Tellis Bethel, Deputy Commodore Royal Bahamas Defence Force; Cheryl de Goicoechea, president of the Long Island Chamber of Commerce: Ian Knowles, Chief Councillor, Local Government; Edison Sumner, Co-Chair, VAT Education Task Force & CEO, The Bahamas Chamber of Commerce and Employers Confederation; Lynn Gape, Deputy Executive Director, Bahamas National Trust; Philip Beneby, Asst. General Manager, Family Island/Business Development, Water and Sewerage Corporation; Dr Delon Brennen, Deputy Chief Executive Medical Officer; Adrian Gibson, Entrepreneur and Attorney-at-Law and William & Britta Trubridge, The Caribbean Yoga Retreats.

“Not only do we at TCL believe that the time has come to take Business Outlook to Long Island, but have had requests from a number of the leading members of the community and other interested persons to establish a forum there. In fact, I would say that, at this point, it’s urgent to bring the economic situation of Long Island to national attention. As we always do in organizing an Outlook, we sought the partnership of the Local Government and the resident Chamber of Commerce to get an on-site opinion of the situation of the community. This helps us to establish the needed focus and to organize the appropriate group of presenters to address those issues,” Mrs Albury said.

Mrs Albury continued: “Like many Bahamians who are descended from Long Island or visited, it’s clear that the island has great beauty and economic potential, yet its young people are being forced to leave home to find employment. Long Island Chamber of Commerce president Cheryl de Goicoechea noted some of the issues that are hobbling the Long Island business and investment. Apparently, Long Island commercial fishermen are suffering diminishing catches because of poaching by foreign fishermen, Long Island is not flourishing as it once was, construction jobs are few because of the scarcity of investment and small businesses are challenged by severe water problems. Lack of direct airlift from the United States has been signaled as the greatest challenge as regards growing Long Island tourism. The presentations at this first Long Island Business Outlook will speak on these and other issues and the way forward.”

The Long Island Chamber of Commerce president, Cheryl de Goicoechea weighed in on the business climate on the island and underscored the need for the Outlook.

“The business community believes an International Airport and improvements to our basic infrastructure such as expansion of running water throughout the island, resurfacing the main road and upgrading the health care facilities, will all do much to expand our economy and will attract major investment, thus drastically improving Long Island's investment climate and creating much needed jobs. Real estate sales are at the lowest they have ever been and the main comment of visitors/potential buyers is how surprised they are that the island is not further developed after they experience its potential owing to the natural beauty and the friendly islanders. With some of the highest achieving schools in the Bahamas, students wishing to return after college are unable to do so as there is no employment for them here. Our population is decreasing every day and the age group of those here falls in the 0-16 years or 50 years and up. With no upcoming projects or investments scheduled for long Island our future appears very bleak. Long Island needs serious help,” Ms de Goicoechea said.

For further information or to register, interested persons may contact Margaret Albury, The Counsellors Ltd; Cheryl de Goicoechea, Long Island Chamber of Commerce and Dawn Simmons, Ministry of Tourism. Registration for Long Island Business Outlook is also available at




Prime Minister, Perry Christie send condolences to Levarity's Family:-

The Rt. Hon. Perry G. Christie, Prime Minister of the Commonwealth of The Bahamas issued the following statement on the passing of former parliamentarian and Cabinet minister in the first Majority Rule Cabinet formed in January in 1967.
I am saddened to learn that former Cabinet minister and Grand Bahama MP, Warren J. Levarity, passed away on Sunday after a lengthy illness. He was 82.

Mr. Levarity was a member of the first PLP cabinet that followed the attainment of Majority Rule in 1967. He served as Minister of Out Island Affairs in that historic cabinet and represented the Grand Bahama District and later the West End & Bimini Constituency in the House of Assembly. He would later part ways with the PLP and become one of the Founding Fathers of the Free National Movement.

Mr. Levarity was an astute political strategist with a deep knowledge of Family Island politics. In the struggle for Majority Rule he played a key part and, with His Excellency Sir Arthur Foulkes, was known to be among Sir Lynden Pindling's closest and most trusted advisors.

In his own right, however, Mr. Levarity was, for a great part of the 1960's, the dominant politician in Grand Bahama which he represented in the House of Assembly from early as 1960. His standing was further enhanced by his father, the late Garnet Levarity, who was a patriarchal figure and senior public official for many years in Grand Bahama.

It is noteworthy that with Mr. Levarity's passing, the Hon. Arthur D. Hanna is now the sole surviving member of the first Majority Rule Cabinet.

I extend heartfelt condolences to Mr. Levarity's widow, Vera, his children and other relatives and I do so not only on my own behalf but for and on behalf of the Government and the Bahamian people.

May the soul of this distinguished Bahamian and historic figure in the Struggle for Majority Rule rest in peace.



Condolences on the passing of Founding Father, Warren Levarity.

The Free National Movement is saddened by the death of Warren Levarity, a founding Father of our great party. Mr. Warren J. Levarity was the former MP for West End & Bimini, and former Minister responsible for Out Island Affairs.

As a young man, Mr. Levarity was from an early age in the forefront of the struggle for Majority Rule, particularly in his home Island of Grand Bahama, where he was elected in the pivotal elections of 1967, which ushered in Majority Rule. As one of the Ministers in the First PLP Cabinet, Mr. Levarity showed the depths of his love for democracy and the empowerment of ordinary Bahamians, when he caused the first White Paper calling for the establishment of a system of Local Government as early as 1967. Sadly, Mr. Levarity had to wait nearly Thirty years to see his dream of local empowerment fulfilled by the first FNM Government.

It was Mr. Levarity’s strong commitment to freedom and democracy which led him to join with seven other dissidents, led by the Late Cecil Wallace-Whitfield, in breaking with the first Pindling administration in 1970. From this group, called “the Dissident Eight”, was formed the Free-PLP, and a year later, the Free National Movement. Mr. Levarity contested the 1972 and 1977 general elections as an FNM candidate.

After the defeat of the FNM in 1977 Mr. Levarity retired from Public life.

In December 2010 Warren Levarity was awarded the Royal Honour by Her Majesty the Queen of being elevated to the rank of a Companion of the Order of St. Michael & St. George (CMG) for his outstanding sacrifices and dedication in the cause of freedom and democracy.

On behalf of my wife Patricia, the Free National Movement and every Bahamian I wish to offer my deepest and most sincere condolences to the wife, Vera, children, Marcian, Denise, Caron and Warren Jr and Gregory, as well as the wider family of our fallen brother, Warren Levarity.

May he Rest in Peace.

DNA Press Release - Provide JOBS, not JOB LOSSES!

For Immediate Release

November 11, 2014


The Progressive Liberal Party’s (PLP) now infamous promise of ten thousand new jobs for Bahamians has failed to come to fruition. In fact, despite the announcement of their grandiose employment strategy, this past two years of PLP governance has seen thousands of Bahamians, particularly in the banking and tourism industries lose their jobs. That highly touted employment strategy has proven nothing more than another empty campaign promise.

The termination of nearly 200 employees of the Baha Mar resort property on Cable Beach and the reported imminent redundancies that are expected to take place at a local bank are the latest in a series of economic blows dealt to the Commonwealth of the Bahamas over the course of this PLP administration’s term in office. 

Even worse however, is the reality that the leadership of this country is oblivious to the implications these layoffs have on the overall economic picture, or simply does not care. While hardworking Bahamians continue to be put out of work,  the PLP Government sees a ‘Bright Future for the Bahamas’. Clearly, the PLP Government must be dreaming or living in an alternate reality, a reality where this government is fulfilling its mandate to the people, a reality where Bahamians are prosperous and the economy thrives. Unfortunately for the rest of us, no such reality exists.

These latest round of job cuts represent yet another group of Bahamians with families to provide for; children to feed, homes to maintain and mortgages to pay. They represent yet another group of Bahamians who trusted this administration when they claimed to “Believe in Bahamians” and promised Mortgage relief – a plan which in itself was also a dismal failure. Now, with the implementation of VAT less than 60 days away, these individuals will be forced into even more difficult circumstance.

The dependency of foreign direct investments as the primary source of economic stimulation and employment in this country has made Bahamian workers an expendable commodity to be fired, hired, and moved around at the whim of a foreign entity. The time has come for this and future governments to truly see Bahamians not only as workers but also as owners of their own economy. 

This PLP administration promised JOBS, what they have delivered instead is JOB LOSSES! We call on PM Perry Christie to do what is required of him as leader and create the kind of economic stability that facilitates the entrepreneurial spirit and proves once and for all that he truly BELIEVES in his people.


Branville McCartney

DNA Leader



The Lear 36 executive jet left Nassau on Sunday, November 9th, (9/11/2014) at 4:07pm in route to Freeport Grand Bahama. The plane was approaching for landing in severe weather when it hit a crane at the Grand Bahama Shipyard around 5:10pm.

We would like to take a moment to remember the 9 souls lost in the tragic plane crash at Grand Bahama yesterday:

Dr. Myles Munroe and wife, Ruth Munroe,
Pastor Lavard Parks, and wife Radel Parks, son and unborn baby.
Frahkan Cooper
Stanley Thurston
Dr Richard Pinder
Diego Santiago, of Oswego was also on board the fatal flight.

 May the souls of the faithful departed rest in peace. May the all those who are grieving, be comforted during this time of tragedy.




Andrew Young, the former Mayor of Atlanta, U.S. Ambassador and Civil Rights activist who worked closely with Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., was supposed to be onboard the ill fated flight, with Dr. Myles Munroe and team, but, changed his mind.


"Despite earlier reports, former U.S. Ambassador Andrew Young was not scheduled to be on the flight, a spokesperson said on Monday.

 It had been reported earlier that Young was supposed to fly on the ill-fated flight, but, according to a spokesperson, felt "guided by the spirit" not to get on board."



8th November 2014

Bahamas Foreign Affairs Ministry responds to RFK Center statement

Bahamas Information Services...

Bahamas, Nassau - The Robert F. Kennedy Center for Justice and Human Rights (RFK Center) recently issued a statement about reports it claimed it received from Bahamian civil society about the new immigration policies that came into effect on Saturday, November 1.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration confirmed that representatives from the RFK Center never contacted the Ministry for comment but released the following statement in response:

"The statement by the RFK Center over the new immigration policies is replete with errors. It is deplorable that a reputable body would repeat such nonsense.

The policy is not discriminatory either in its execution or its effects and there were no massive raids. No raids were conducted by the Department of Immigration at all. The number of people arrested on Saturday last (Nov 1) was not 450 but 77. It is not true that those released had to await the opening of the Immigration Office on Monday.

Those are just some examples of a statement that is loose with the truth and defames The Bahamas. The statement is terribly disappointing. There is a rule in Bahamian folk tradition: if you don't know shut your mouth. If you want to know, just check.

This is a completely open and transparent society, with nothing to hide"



November 7, 2014 | Washington, D.C.)

Kerry Kennedy and Santiago A. Canton, on behalf of the Robert F. KennedyCenter for Justice and Human Rights (RFK Center), express alarm at the discriminatory use of new immigration policies in The Bahamas. According to information received by the RFK Center, immigration officials conducted massive raids and arrests in Bahamian-Haitian communities over the weekend of November 1-2 and have increased their presence around public schools with large populations of students born to immigrant parents.

On November 1, The Bahamas instituted a new immigration policy that requires all non-nationals residing in the island nation to show evidence that they have permission to live or work in the country. Under the Constitution, children born in Bahamian territory to foreign-born parents are eligible for Bahamian citizenship when they turn 18; until that time, under the new policy, they must obtain a passport from their parents' country of origin. According to reports from Bahamian civil society, children born in The Bahamas to migrant parents were given 30 days' notice to apply for and secure a passport from the country of origin of their parents or face expulsion, despite the significant financial burdens this new policy imposes and with no consideration for an ordinary processing time of over two months to secure a passport in some cases.

While the government of The Bahamas insists that the measures are not aimed at any national group, Bahamian civil society organizations have related that officials are targeting immigration raids at neighborhoods where the population is predominantly of Haitian descent. The RFK Center received a report of at least one government-run school that, as of Monday, started to require students to bring their identification with them in order to access the classroom.

"Statehood is a fundamental human right, but these reports indicate that the Bahamian government regards it as a tool for discrimination," said Kerry Kennedy, President of the RFK Center. "These new policies mean that thousands of children in the Bahamas now live in fear of arbitrary arrest or deportation. The Bahamas must immediately fulfill its obligation to protect children-no matter their status, and no matter their ethnicity."

Media reports indicate that about seventy people were detained over the weekend, but Bahamian civil society puts the number closer to 450, and describes detention conditions as overcrowded, with inadequate sanitation. Many of those detained on Saturday, November 1, were forced to remain in custody until the immigration office reopened on Monday and they could prove their valid status. Many were not provided the opportunity to seek legal counsel, apply for asylum, or appeal their deportation orders.

"The reports coming out of The Bahamas indicate that the government is endangering the human rights of people in immigration detention, including the right to due process and the rights to humane treatment and health,"said Santiago A. Canton, Executive Director of RFK Partners for Human Rights. "The government must immediately bring its immigration policies and practices in line with its binding international human rights obligations."




NATIONAL CHILDREN'S WEEK- November 16th-22nd, 2014. 

APPLICATION FOR CONFIRMATION CLASS- Baptized persons of age 11 and older who have not yet been confirmed and wish to be, are asked to submit applications for the same no later than November 23rd. This will enable the class to be establised during Advent. Expectations of parents /gaurdians and candidates will be made clear. Application forms will be available from each Church.

BAPTISM - The next Conference for Baptism will be held on Saturday November 29th at 5:30pm at the Rectory's conference room. Parents and Godparents are required to attend. Godparents must be practising Christians who are Anglicans. The times for Baptisms will be on December 7th and 14th at the Churches where the priest is present.

INVITATION- You are cordially invited to attend Palestine Baptist Church 13th Annual District Convention November 13th-16th 2014 at the church. Saturday night is youth night. The close out service begins 10:00am Sunday 16th November.

***PARISH UPCOMING EVENTS- December 14th- Holy Cross Christmas Program***


The new elected officers of the Free National Movement Association election for Long Island are:
LaSandra Knowles......CHAIRMAN
Sandy Carroll..............VICE CHAIRMAN 
Dian Knowles..............SECRETARY
Maria Cartwright.........ASSISTANT SECRETARY 
Elias Cartwright..........TREASURER
Eugene Moree...........ASSISITANT TREASURER
Charlie Carroll...........COUNCIL REP
Cheryl Hall.................CHAPLIN 
Blake Carroll..............YOUTH OFFICER

On Monday, November 3rd , the Free National Movement, conducted their elections of officers for the  Long Island Condtituency Association. Nominations and elections were held at the Long Island Breeze Resort  in Salt Pond with officials in place.  Mr. Darron Cash, FNM National Chairman, along with the MP for Long Island, Mrs. Loretta Butler- Turner were in attendence.

The FNM Association Trustee List Long Island Constituency:Thomas Hall, Luther Edgecomb, Timothy Adderley, Paul Carroll, Wellington Taylor, Anthony Adderley, Sean Minnis, Hugh Sheare, Kevin Burrows,  Andrew Cartwright.



A Public Service Announcement from The Department of Immigration and The Passport Office in The Commonwealth of The Bahamas

The Bahamian public is reminded that as of 1ST November the following will apply:

No applications will be accepted... in The Bahamas for first-time work permit applicants who have no legal status in The Bahamas. All first-time applicants for work permits without legal status in The Bahamas will have to be certified as having been seen by The Bahamas Embassy of their home country or the nearest Consular Office of The Bahamas. There are no exceptions to this rule.

This does not apply to renewals once those are made before the current permit expires.

As of 1st November, the Passport Office will no longer issue Certificates of Identity to those persons born of non-nationals in The Bahamas. Those individuals who have valid Certificates of Identity must now obtain the passport of their nationality and apply for a residency permit which will show that they have a right to live and work in The Bahamas. There are no exceptions to this except in accordance with our international treaty obligations.

A special residency permit will be available for those individuals who have the right to apply for Bahamian citizenship at the age of 18 and before their 19th birthday. The processing fee is 100 dollars and the annual permit is 25 dollars. These permits will only be issued to those persons whose parents are lawfully in The Bahamas. This will allow the holder to live, work and go to school in The Bahamas until such time as their citizenship status is determined. These are obtained upon application at the Department of Immigration. Applications can be obtained for the special permit beginning on Monday 3rd November.

All people who live and work in The Bahamas are reminded that it is prudent to have a document on your person, at all times, which shows that you have a right to live and work in The Bahamas.
The public is asked to be patient as the new policies unfold. Any comments on the policy may be addressed to the Director of Immigration.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs and Immigration thanks the public for their support and cooperation.



Ellen’s Inn is a charming little bed and breakfast, located in central Long Island, in the heart of Deadman’s Cay. Ellen’s Inn offers shuttle services to and from the airport which is less than five minutes away and nearby attractions the famous, Dean’s Blue Hole, Hamilton’s Caves and Long Island Museum.

You are sure to enjoy your stay at Ellen’s Inn which offers personalized guest services. Single and Double occupancy rooms, a fully stocked kitchen, A/C, Wi-Fi and car rentals are available to guests.  

Ellen’s Inn: (242) 337-0888 or (242) 337-1086


Book online:

Upcoming yoga, free diving retreat in Long Island Bahamas is scheduled for January 3rd-10th.

Ocean Villas Seagrape Ocean Villas

Beautiful Tropical Ocean Villa located on the Ocean in breathtaking Pettys, Long Island, Bahamas. A home away from home, a vacationers dream!

This unspoiled private Ocean villa is tucked away under a hill overlooking the Atlantic Ocean! You can hear the rustling of the waves and just relax in this peaceful atmosphere!

Natural landscaping and these luxurious villas awaits you for your enjoyment.


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